Kat Cantrell

One more excerpt because I can’t stop!
Since Jace hadn’t shown up the other day to take her to the beach, Stella could honestly say the sight of him on her doorstep at three o’clock in the afternoon counted as a shock.
The way her pulse bobbled was not. Oh, she could pretend all day long that Jace was just one more face in the sea of hard bodies that permeated the twenty-something crowd she’d served daily for years. But the truth of the matter was that something had shifted between them.

She’d tried to ignore it, tried to throw up a few more barriers—mostly on her side because she apparently needed them—nothing changed the fact that the man was more exciting than a hunk of Italian marble carved into the shape of perfection and brought to life.
“Um, hi.” Her voice dropped into a realm that was more suited for phone sex, but there was no good way to fix that. Jace did stuff to her insides that she could not control. “What are you doing here?”
Since this was her apartment, not the bar, the answer this time couldn’t be I work here. Likely the next thing out of his mouth would be something she’d have a very hard time rejecting yet again.
He was going to lean on the doorframe, cross his amazing arms over his chest that she could scarcely peel her eyes from, and skewer her with his bedroom eyes. He’d say something provocative like, “You know why I’m here. You’ve been dreaming about this every night. Haven’t you?”